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It's time to go from a Solopreneur to a life-enjoying, revenue-earning, labor-free Entrepreneur
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The Evergreen
Revenue Model

The #1 Small Business Strategy and System that involves Zero Percent of Your Labor

In a day and age in which technology abounds, it is a travesty that today's Entrepreneur finds themselves so overworked and underpaid. You can change that with a click of a button.

I'm Ready To Change

Strategy, Automation
and Systems

The heart of any profitable business is based on these 3 principles.

The Evergreen Revenue Model (trademark symbol) has made it possible for Entrepreneurs to automate their businesses, multiply their profits, rescue their time and ultimately take back their lives.

I'm Ready To Take Back My Time


In business we all know one thing. In business no leads no hope.

Learn and implement the ultimate automated system for generating leads


In business we all know one thing. In business no leads no hope.Learn and implement the ultimate automated system for generating leads


In business we all know one thing. In business no leads no hope.

Learn and implement the ultimate automated system for generating leads

Upon Your Arrival

Skip the pleasantries and let's get to what you really came here for...Revenue!

Our unique training environment utilizes the hyper-immersion model. Think of it as an MBA on steroids.

In 72 hours, our business experts will quadruple the value of your brand, show you the secrets of building a 7-Figure sales team, create a marketing campaign that leaves your competition in the dust and best of all, you will be at the beach.

Let your competition work hard while you spend your time working smart!

I am Ready Hand Me My Ticket

Day 1

Features the World's
#1 Neuro Linguisitc Sales
Expert, Che Brown

Turn on your audio recorders, open up your Evernote, (heck take out your notebook and pen) as he teaches you the Hypnotic Sales Approach, the Authentic Sales Approach and his patent-pending Personality Based Sales.

During this session you will create the infrastructure to build your 7-Figure Sales Team.

Let's Talk Revenue

Day 1 (Continued)

Welcome To The Revenue Roundtable

Any successful business leader knows that masterminding with other experts and thought-leaders is the secret to success.

You will enjoy lunch and dinner with peers at five-star restaurants. At this table we don't serve dessert, we serve up revenue hot from the oven.

Seat Me At The Revenue Roundtable

Day 2

Meet with our Certified
Revenue Coaches

You will love the revenue twins. With a dry erase marker, they will teach you the secrets to becoming a whiteboard millionaire.

Show Me The Revenue White Board

(Day 2 Cont) It Gets Intense

During this 8-hour intensive you will completely map out the customized automation sequences and systems to run your business.

ou will whiteboard the following sequences:

  • Social Media Systems for 7-Figure Results
  • 6-Figure 48-hour Product Launches
  • Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages and everything in between
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies for Market Domination
  • Just to name a few…
Show Me The Revenue White Board

Day 3 Media Day

You are a Rockstar and we know it.

As CEO you are the face of your brand. We get it, so our job is to make you look phenomenal. You will spend the day being pampered by a makeup artist and in the spotlight as our award-winning photographers help you look your best.

Day 3 (Continued) Media

Welcome to the bright lights, baby.

This multi-million dollar broadcast studio has been designed for you. It doesn't matter which side is your good side. With our green screen technology and sharp 4K cameras, we'll make every side great.There is only one thing to say: Lights, Camera, Action

Turn On The Lights

The Bonuses

Meet with the #1 Trainer of Virtual CEOs in the United States.

Trevor Otts is the founder of the Evergreen Revenue Model. His model is very simple: There is more money in what you know than what you do

Implement the Evergreen Revenue Model

The Bonuses cont.

Surprise guest Dr. Nadia Brown. Dr. Nadia has a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership. She knows her stuff. And she's ready to teach you yours.

All successful people know this: Leadership is the fastest way to grow a company's revenue, but it's also the fastest way to kill a company's revenue.

Your ability to inspire, organize and achieve real revenue results is a reflection of your ability to lead.

Dr. Nadia Brown makes sure the person in the mirror is a revenue champion, a revenue leader and a revenue generating enterprise.

let's Chat Dr. Nadia

The Bonuses cont.(The SECRET SESSIONS)

The SECRET SESSIONS feature some of our secret super friends that we've personally leveraged to take our business from 5-Figures to 7-Figures. That's right. We are going to give you access to our coaches and our mentors.

Come get behind the scenes and develop relationships with industry titans guaranteed to change your perspective on life, business and happiness.

Let Me Into The Mastermind

The Bonuses cont (Billionaires Book Club)

The Business Booster Boot Camp is not just another event. (In fact, it's not an event at all.) It's revenue immersion. It's the ultimate place for CEOs to take their businesses to the next level. Preparation begins with mindset.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime and we know you don't want to waste it being unprepared.In the book club, you will exchange ideas with business leaders in a think tank style environment designed to make your mind, your habits and your strategies razor sharp.

Your business perspective will never be the same.

I Am Ready For a Paradigm Shift

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The universe rewards people who take action differently than those people who do not.
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